SNSPA – The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration – is a public learning and research institution based in Bucharest, Romania, founded immediately after the events in December 1989 that led to the fall of communism in Romania. Perhaps because of this, it has attracted professors and professionals with initiative, with fresh ideas, and the university has proved to be one of the most dynamic and modern universities in the country.
SNSPA aims to:

  • train graduates according to the requirements of the labor market;
  • train young people capable to think freely, by encouraging critical thinking, the capacity to permanently improve their knowledge;
  • contribute to increasing students‘ qualifications by promoting life-long learning programmes, particularly in the area required by professional reorientation;
  • develop research and include the young generation in research project circuits;
  • promote cooperation and partnership with similar universities, governmental agencies and organisations, non-governmental organisations, companies and business enterprises as well as any other groups or entities whose area of activity is in line with the our mission of constantly training Romanian elite and extending this training feature to regional level.

SNSPA offers several bachelor’s degree programs (3 years), master’s degree programs and PhD study programs (3 years) within the following faculties and departments:
 Faculty of Communication and Public Relations;
 Faculty of Political Science;
 Faculty of Public Administration;
 Faculty of Management;
Department of International Relations and European Integration.
All the programs offered by our university are certified to operate according to the Romanian legislation. The bachelor specializations are accredited by GD. 749/2009 while all the Bologna masters are accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (RAQAHE) as mentioned in the OM no. 4666/2009.