On 23-24.04.2018, MA students of our faculty enroled in the program of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management (AMS) will meet in class Visiting Professor Łukasz Święcicki, PhD in Social Sciences (Political Science), adjunct professor at Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences of the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce, Poland. His research interests include political and legal theory, economic theories, constitutional law and public security. In 2012 and 2013 he was a visiting scholar at Ludwig-Maximilian Universitat in Munich and University of Chicago. In 2012 he was awarded by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education with a prestigious „Diamond Grant”. He is the author, co-author and editor of several books and dozen articles on political and legal theory, on economic theories of social behaviours. Currently, he is working on a book on libertarianism as an economic, political and legal theory. 

Theme: ”Private Entities in the Protection of Public Order”

”The privatization of security services raises some questions which exceed boundaries of traditionally perceived disciplines of social sciences: Should state approve legally private entities in the protection of public order? Is economic effectiveness an argument that may become political?
Obviously these and many other questions concerning privatization of security become a problem not only for economists, but also for political scientists and lawyers. While every discipline perceives the problem from its own view, in my view there is a strong need to face it from a multidisciplinary perspective. The division of disciplines blurs our understanding of the problem. By using in our analysis strictly apolitical economics of the Austrian School and its libertarian followers we may free ourselves from biases and prejudices inherent in our thinking on law and politics.
In two sections (23 and 24 April 20118, starting with 18,00 hours) I am going do discuss the problem of security both in descriptive and in normative terms. Each section will be devoted to particular concepts connected with it: political authority, monopoly on violence, production of security, differences between private and public sector, and privatization of security. The course will offer a brief presentation of theoretical arguments and discussion of particular cases. ” (Łukasz Święcicki)

Location: room B2, 2 Emanoil Bacaloglu street, starting 18.00.