Regardless of the topic, while being enrolled in our MA,  you will have the opportunity to interact with experienced, inspirational managers, who will share with you some important tips and tricks for your future career. You can find below the first confirmed guest speakers for the 2017-2018 academic year. We invite you to return to this page, to see future updates.

Traian Dumitrescu, General Manager Dachser Romania

One of the top 5 biggest logistic companies in the world, Dachser is present in 42 countries and has more than 27.000 employees worldwide. With more than 17 years of international experience, Traian Dumitrescu is one of the most important specialists in the field of management of logistics processes transport in Romania. He has a degree in International Economic Relations (1999), has been awarded by FIATA organization in 2004, and is, from 2011, one of  the 100 permanent members of the Global Leadership Club, being recognized as a worldwide entrepreneur. More details on Dachser and on Traian Dumitrescu’s management lessons at our classes.

Ioana Bădărău, Head of the Monitoring Department for Railroad and Ships Direction from the Intermediary Body of the Ministry of Transport, the Operational Program for Big Infrastructure 2014 -2020

With an experience of over 12 years in the field of programs and big projects management, Ioana Bădărău has an impressive experience of major public contracts management. She has two university degrees, in Sociology and in Public Relations and is  hbl. Public Manager. More details on the Operational Program for Big Infrastructure and on Ioana Bădărău’s management lessons at our classes.

Adriana Maria Duțu, Senior Consultant in Projects and Programs Management

With an experience of more than 13 years as Senior Consultant in the management of complex programs for private organizations and public institutions on management, Adriana Duțu  has been Program Officer in the Human Resources Development Operational Program and she continued her career as Counselor of the Ministry of the European Founds, before becoming a professional consultant. Proving a deep understanding of the administrative processes that shape complex development programs, Adriana Duțu believes strongly in the force of leadership, team work and good collaboration with expert partners and colleagues, from national and international teams.  More details on working in international programs and on Adriana Duțu’s management lessons at our classes.

Ruggero Civitarese, General Manager of Euzone

Euzone is one of the most important Romanian firms in the field of consultancy and implementation of complex programs and its expertise area is built around the development and consolidation of the administrative capacity needed for project and program management. The company has valuable expertise in human resource development measures, in the provision of specific training programs in the field of European funds, and in the realization of scientific and socio- economic studies. Euzone’s General Manager, Mr. Ruggero Civitarese, has previous experience as lecturer, researcher and professor, being affiliated to Faculty of Economics, University of Pavia, Italy and collaborating with important international universities, such as Bocconi and Politecnico of Milan, among the others. More details on working in complex development programs and on differences in this field between Romania and Italy, as well as on Ruggero Civitarese’s management lessons at our classes.