Programs and Investments Management

For Admission

Starts: 01 October, 2020
Duration : 2 years
Instructors: Laurențiu Treapăt, Laurențiu-Mihai Treapăt, Sergiu Stan, Ramona Leon, Andreea Mitan, Alexandra Zbuchea, Florina Pînzaru, Lucian Anghel
Phone : 0725888939
Email : [email protected]

Dynamic and complex organisations face the pressure of an increasing competitive environment, as well as the requests of ever demanding customers. Therefore, traditional forms of organisational processes and activities should be reconsidered in terms of development opportunities which require complex understanding and practice of efficient change management. Efficient change of complex organizations (big enterprises or public authorities) can be achieved through programs and investments.

Change Management and efficient Investments Management through Programs and Projects: one unique MA for managers who must lead change and big scale investments in complex organizations. The aim of the MA in Programs and Investments Management is to provide students opportunities to acquire and develop information regarding: business analysis & organizational assessment; investment opportunities’ analysis; change programs’ design, implementation and stabilization. 

For the first time in South-Eastern Europe, the MA in Programs and Investments Management (in English) proposes a new qualification – Program Manager – for all those seeking to develop their knowledge and abilities in order to effectively manage change and investments using large scale programs.

Designed for: those who wish to develop their expertise in change management through programs and investments, either in their current technical and business field, or into a new domain. Participants on this MA can have a very wide range of academic and work backgrounds. Our MA is suitable for those with work experience and previous experience or studies in Management / Change Management / Project Management. For those with little or no background in business, our experienced team of instructors will make sure to create specific learning paths, that can help them to achieve the necessary minimum level of knowledge and skills in order to fully benefit of our MA expertise.

Our promise is that you will practically learn:

  • effective ways to solve managerial problems in an innovative approach
  • a complex understanding of the successful methodologies and tools of program and change management
  • new perspectives on managerial decision making
  • acquirement of a sound knowledge of the theoretical foundations that underpin modern investment and risk management techniques
  • critical success factors for implementing change thorough programs in complex environments where ambiguity an certain degree of risk are common place

Even more, we will focus on the development of your abilities to efficiently manage complex programs by aligning existing resources in order to meet the overall strategy of the organisation.

What can you expect from our MA?

  • real experience and solid knowledge
  • applied courses in practice via case studies and simulations
  • extensive input from many leading practitioners who teach in the MA, providing a vital link between theory and practice
  • networking opportunities
  • a real international experience and opportunities to study 1 or 2 semesters abroad: Spain, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Belgium
  • an amazing student life facilitated by our extra-curricular programs and activities, such as Culture Mix, Experiences and Simulated Markets, Start Management etc.

Courses: Programs Management, EU-funded Programs, Strategy and Projects Portfolio, Management Simulations, Financial Management and Investment Programs, Managerial Decision and Critical Thinking, Change management using Projects and Programs, Regional Development for Programs, Lobby and advocacy, Business Analysis, Risk and Crisis Management, Social Competences for the Management of Projects and Programs, Organisational Change and Professional Development, Programs Communication, Logistics.

An advisory panel of senior practitioners ensures that the MA remains at the forefront of developments within investments and development programs, reflecting topical and technical changes in the economic and social environments. See here some of the guest speakers  at our classes. 

Accreditation: The MA in Programs and Investments Management is accredited by ARACIS (The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education).

  • For important facts on the admission process – applicant file (Romanian and European citizens, Romanian natives from abroad): candidates must register on, starting May, 28th.  For non-EU citizens, please scroll down.
  • For important facts on the project – PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Admission of non-EU citizens

The admission process consists of the following steps:

Step 1. Please send your application anytime between 1.05.2020 and 15.07.2020:

Attn. Mr. Sergiu Stan, Facultatea of Management, SNSPA (Scoala Nationala de Studii Politice si Administrative), Bd. Expozitiei nr. 30A, sector 1,  cam. 403, sector 1,  012104, Romania. 

Your application must contain (please specify in your application the name of the master programme for which you apply):

  • CV;
  • project in PowerPoint presentation (details here);
  • photocopy and authenticated translation of the study certificates (for residents of countries that have signed the Hague Convention, the Hague Apostille is requested (access the website here; for all the others the documents have to be endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Romanian Embassy in their homeland) – (minimum requirements available here);
  • photocopy and authenticated translation of the birth certificate;
  • photocopy of the passport;
  • copy of the National Identity Card or any other document proving your permanent residence (home address);
  • medical certificate (translated in a language widely spoken internationally);
  • one photo;
  • filled letter of acceptance form;
  • an international language proficiency certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge etc.) is needed with at least B2 level (we do not offer these certificates here). Candidates who can prove that the official language of their country is also English and that they have studied in this language are exempted from the language proficiency certificate.

Step 2.  If your application is approved by our faculty, our institution  will submit your application file for admission to studies in Romania to the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research (the minimum period of processing the application is 30 days, up to 60 days). If a positive decision is reached by the Ministry, a “Letter of Acceptance” is issued and sent to the higher education institution and by case at the diplomatic mission.  Once you have received the university letter of acceptance:

  • Create the admission application dossier by certifying / legalizing prior diplomas / documents from the relevant authorities if it is the case;
  • Apply for student visa in your country of origin at the diplomatic mission;
  • Proof of accommodation – if needed, universities can issue a “Letter of Accommodation” in which it is stated that you have reserved accommodation within the university campus;
  • Health insurance – if you are under 26 years old, health insurance is covered by the university and provides full heath care benefits within the Romanian public insurance system. If your age is over 26 years, you must pay a monthly health insurance fee (49 lei / month). Note that you must register with a general physician (family doctor), who provides basic consults and can refer you to specialists if needed.

Step 3. The Enrollment at the Faculty of Management of SNSPA (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration). On your arrival in Romania, you will present in person for registration, to our headquarters (SNSPA, bd. Expozitiei nr. 30A, sector 1, Bucuresti, room 403), the following documents:
• letter of acceptance (original);
• proof of payment (original) for the paying students;
• school certificate (mentioned above), in original;
• passport and student visa;
• a photo-copy of your birth certificate, translated and officially endorsed;
• health certificate (translation in Romanian or English);
• 3 photos ¾ cm;
• an envelope dossier;

The candidates are requested to register before October 1st, the official opening date of the academic year.

Can we be of further assistance to you? Please address your questions to Mr. Sergiu Stan, Program’s Director, at [email protected] 

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