An advisory panel of senior practitioners ensures that the MA remains at the forefront of developments within investments and development programs, reflecting topical and technical changes in the economic and social environments.

Scientific Advisor: Prof. Roland Gareis, Vienna, Austria.

Roland Gareis Professor Roland Gareis is a well-known specialist in Project and Program Management,  Managing Director of Roland Gareis Consulting GmbH Vienna and former Academic Director of the Professional MBA Project & Process Management of Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (2007-2014). Author of the international bestseller “Happy Projects!” available in English, German, Hungarian and Romanian, Professor Roland Gareis has competencies in Process Management, Project & Program Management, Change Management, and management of the project-oriented company.


Sergiu-Stan-Copy-rExecutive Coordinator: University Lecturer Sergiu Stan, PhD. With experience of more than 15 years in Projects and Programs Management, Sergiu Stan, PhD, is one of the authors of the bestselling book Managementul Proiectelor (Editura Bren, 2008). With an intensive practice in the field of Projects Management and Risks Management for big companies and public authorities, Sergiu is recognized for his training skills and the good results in managing different project teams, both at national and international level.