MSc in Management of Business, Innovation and Technology (University of Sheffield) / 

MA in Management and Digital Innovation (SNSPA)


  1. А Bachelor’s Degree: A Bachelor’s degree with good performance, in any field is required. Candidates with a non-Romanian Bachelor’ degree must follow Romanian official procedures of recognition and equivalence of diplomas, as presented here.
  2.  Good knowledge of English: Postgraduate applicants must have advanced knowledge of the English language certified by: IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL (internet based 88 / paper based 575) or any other recognized certificate proving advanced knowledge of English (Level C2 / “proficiency”) or CAE (Grade B and above) or any equivalent qualification. Candidates that have completed their Bachelor’s studies or their higher secondary education through the medium of English Language are not required to hold an English language qualification. Students who do not hold appropriate evidence of English skills could take the English Placement Test at the International Faculty, CITY College headquarters in Bucharest, after submitting the admission file. Results are regularly communicated within 2 weeks.

         3.Motivation letter and specified references (see below in Application Requirements).


I. Application Forms – To apply, please fill in both application forms:  the online Application Form of SNSPA  and  the Application Form of he University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College. Fill in both application forms (for SNSPA – electronically and for the University of Sheffield – either electronically, or in your own handwriting).  Download  Sheffield application form and SNSPA application form.

In case you fill in the application form in your own handwriting, you should scan it, attach it to your email along with the required scanned documents described below, and send it both to [email protected] and [email protected] Please note that your application forms should also be brought as hard copies along with the rest of your documents to the Admissions Office of The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College (Mosilor Business Centre, Calea Mosilor, nr. 158, parter, Bucuresti, 020883, Romania, Tel: +(4021) 315. 27. 23)

       II Documents Required

  1. Photographs. You should submit four (4) passport-size photographs (40×60). Alternatively, you may send the photograph by email to [email protected]
  1. Certified photocopy of your University degree/s and all associated transcripts of performance: bachelor degree diploma (or equivalent) – legalized copy in Romanian and a certified and translated in English photocopy of the Bachelor’s Degree and of the accompanying transcript. Candidates who, at the time of the submission of their application form, have not graduated yet but they expect to do so before the commencement of the course are required to submit the most recent available transcript. If your previous institution provides degrees and transcripts in a language other than English, we require that you submit certified photocopies of the originals, as well as translated copies, which must be provided by the institution itself or a certified translator / translating service.
  1. Certified photocopy of English language qualification(s). Candidates who have not acquired an English language qualification at the time of the submission of their application form are required to submit it by the commencement of the course.
  1. Two Reference Letters. Reference letters can be submitted in one of the following ways: on paper (in sealed envelopes, signed across the back by the recommender) attached to the application form by the applicant or sent via regular mail, posted directly by the referee or sent by email ([email protected]) directly by the referee. There are no standard reference forms. Reference letters should be written by people who have supervised you in an academic, employment, or community setting. If possible, at least one should be from a university professor familiar with your academic work.
  1. A registration fee of 150 lei in the BRD account of The Faculty of Management – SNSPA account, RO02BRDE445SV33643594450. The registration fee is a one-time fee paid by all applicants. The registration fee is refundable in the event that the candidate’s application is rejected, as well as in the event that the candidate withdraws the application before the 5th of July. When the application form and the associated documentation are posted, a copy of the bank receipt for payment of the application fee must be included. 
  2. Birth certificate (legalized copy);
  3. ID card (copy);
  4. Marriage / name change certificate (legalized copy) – if it is the case;
  5. Medical certificate with the mention “Clinically healthy for university enrollment” (for Romanian citizens: “Clinic apt pentru inscriere la facultate”);
  6. Curriculum Vitae in English 
  7. A motivation letter about a career in the master’s field, based on the following references:

Glei, J.K. (Ed.). (2013). Maximize Your Potential: Grow Your Expertise, Take Bold Risks and Build an Incredible Career.

Corr, P.J., & Mutinelli, S. (2017). Motivation and young people’s career planning: A perspective from the reinforcement sensitivity theory of personality. Personality and Individual Differences, 106, 126-129. (

TOTAL TUITION FEES (full course, 2 years): €5,880 (EURO). To be paid as follows:

  • 1 st Installment: to be paid within the next 10 working days €1,470 (EURO) upon acceptance of student;
  • 2nd Installment: by 20th of January 2018 €1,470 (EURO);
  • 3rd Installment: by 15th of September 2018 €1,470 (EURO);
  • 4th Installment: by 20th of January 2019 €1,470 (EURO). 

Note: Fees will not be refunded if the candidate withdraws, for any reason, before or after commencement of the course. Fees listed are only tuition fees and do not include therefore accommodation, cost of living and recommended books. Fees have been calculated with a 40% reduction as partial scholarship. After depositing your fees, it is kindly requested, to send a copy of the transaction receipt, via e-mail ([email protected]) or fax: +302310 287.564.

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